For Momma

In midsummer, some time ago, momma came home to say hi to the rest of the family. She has always had a light with her that not everyone has. She has known how to love and how to help, how to smile and how to cry, how to struggle and how to deal with the … Continue reading For Momma


The May HOPP – Overview

The first Month of HOPP has been a success! In the month of May we set out to provide free meals to people who don’t always know where their next meal will come from. Our very first project was on May 13th. We brought together a team of 14 teenagers, ages 12-17, and most of … Continue reading The May HOPP – Overview

The May HOPP- Helping the Homeless

In Bangkok, Thailand, in 2014, there were over 3,000 people that were on the streets, begging for anything that someone would give them. The Social Development and Human Security Ministry has said that this rate has been increasing by 5-10% annually in the last 10 Years. It’s not unknown that there are a lot of … Continue reading The May HOPP- Helping the Homeless

I blame ‘the media’

The morning after I defended my thesis, I woke up to headlines of the US government banning the disbursement of citizen-owned information, protests ranging from abortion to immigration, the Russian Parliament decriminalizing vital aspects of domestic violence laws and journalists being labeled by members of the US president’s administration as "the opposition." The night I … Continue reading I blame ‘the media’

‘In this wasteland, where I’m living’

Greetings! I’m riding the bus home from the YWAM Central Region Conference in Pattaya. To say I am a mess is an understatement. I came here knowing God would give me answers but not knowing the work he would do in me in two days. Sometimes my heart gets so full that the things inside … Continue reading ‘In this wasteland, where I’m living’

Cambodian Water Project: Stage 1

Greetings! We have a plan! For those of you interested in helping with the Cambodian water project, I am excited to report to you about the progress being made. To date, we have the first stage of the project (of three stages) drawn up and estimated. Above is a rough sketch of the plan. Our … Continue reading Cambodian Water Project: Stage 1