Smells of Bangkok

SewerNot dull sewer today, eitherPermeating sewerInfested my nostrils as I stepped out the doorLaundry soapFresh. Woodzy. Bushezzz. Alllll the way down the soiBoom! Khao man gai around the corner That’s boiled chicken with riceAnd it smells even better than it tastesCow. Man. Guy.Funny how words can smell, tooSometimes better than ... whewWhatever that wasFollowed by… Continue reading Smells of Bangkok

Juggling Fire: zebras in the Serengeti near Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa

Juggling Fire

Real-life stories from our family's adventures in Thailand.

12-Month HOPP: Helping Other People Project in Bangkok, Thailand

12-Month HOPP

2018 Bangkok Community Service Project PAWS Bangkok A Jesus story for you all

Featured image: Gulf of Thailand off the southern coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Juggling Fire

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