Juggling Fire

Delta’s Response

Following is the letter I received from Delta. It arrived in my e-mail inbox at 11:51 p.m. (Bangkok time) June 23. Hello, Thank you so much for reaching out to us about your daughters when they were traveling alone over the weekend. I am a Customer Solutions Specialist in our Corporate Offices and I’ve been… Continue reading Delta’s Response


A Loud … Boom! A Soft Blow

Greetings! Wow. We want to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed, prayed and shared our posts to raise funds for a visit to America. Today, I am within $850 of my goal! Jaynee has reached her goal! And Justine has enough to book a ticket! Hallelujah! I was able to book two… Continue reading A Loud … Boom! A Soft Blow


Update From Nepal and An Exciting Announcement

Greetings from Thailand. Prayers for Nepal. A couple weeks ago, our friends set out on a short-term outreach to Nepal. When they arrived, the city of Kathmandu looked like this: Now, the city looks like this: We are thankful our friends are safe, but my heart is heavy for thousands of lives lost. Please keep… Continue reading Update From Nepal and An Exciting Announcement



Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand, and from the newly-certified graduate of the Teaching English as a Foreign Language program! I spent most of February studying and practice teaching in a TEFL course, from which I graduated on February 27. I have been wanting to take the course for so many years, but time and finances and… Continue reading Certifiable!


Braving Bangkok: Reporting for Duty

REPORTING FOR DUTY: New office, new city, new ministries. Bangkok. Wow, it’s different. Chiang Mai was a “small” city of three million people, or at least that’s how I came to view it after living there for nearly three years. Bangkok. Not so much. Everything you read about Bangkok is true. It’s big. It’s busy.… Continue reading Braving Bangkok: Reporting for Duty