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The cemetery man

Nobody thinks of the cemetery manThe guy who digs the graves by handSometimes warming the brittle groundBefore one by one, he can shovel a mound He measures by yard stick to follow the lawThough he can now eyeball the box he must drawHe lays out the side guards and pounds in the tapesThen cracks the… Continue reading The cemetery man

Juggling Fire

Hey Delta, Glad My Kids Are OK Because Your Rep Ryan Davis Is Not

(I feel I should edit this a bit for clarity regarding the paragraph about the chaperone. The paragraph below, regarding the chaperone, is worded poorly, and I apologize. My intentions were not to make something seem like it is not. I was aware of the chaperone policy of China Southern. China Southern does state that… Continue reading Hey Delta, Glad My Kids Are OK Because Your Rep Ryan Davis Is Not

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Down to the Nitty Gritty

Greetings! Some of you are aware we are trying to make it back to the U.S. for a visit this summer. After serving 3 ½ years in Thailand and not seeing friends and family back home for more than two years, we would love to be able to make this trip! The girls have been… Continue reading Down to the Nitty Gritty

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There’s a Flap for That

On a scale of 1-10 for embarrassing posts, I'm pretty sure my kids will rate this one a 15+. To be honest, a lot of people probably won't find it too tactful, but after reading "10 Things Every Woman Wants to Say to Their Gynaecologist" yesterday - and knowing today might be the dreaded day… Continue reading There’s a Flap for That

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Marty Myers: Most Valuable Player

It hit me to the point of tears this morning that my life – and the lives of so many others – may soon feel a void. I saw a Facebook post not long ago that Marty Myers is in a “frail” state, and my mother messaged me yesterday to confirm what I had read.… Continue reading Marty Myers: Most Valuable Player

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Miracles Never Cease

I’d be lying if I said the last few months have been easy. After Discipleship Training School and two months in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, I hit a bit of a lull, and I’ve been trying to get out of the funk ever since. I hardly realized for the last 12 weeks what has been… Continue reading Miracles Never Cease

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Fenceless Gardens are Fruitless

Just read this quote on Facebook: "Boundaries keep the things you want in your life IN, like: love, joy, hope or peace. Boundaries will also keep OUT of your life what you do not want, like: disrespect, fear, hopelessness or anxiety. Boundaries help protect your priorities. Boundaries communicate value." - Danny Lee Silk It makes sense… Continue reading Fenceless Gardens are Fruitless

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Some Things Should Not Be Erased

Today I did something I have not done in a long time. I wrote with a pencil. I wrote so much that the callus I developed in second grade began to ache. I guess it's grown soft. I remember well the pain of developing that callus. When we first started learning penmanship, our teacher handed… Continue reading Some Things Should Not Be Erased

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Smooth Sailing Down Mekong; What’s Next?

We left behind many things during our recent mission trip down the Mekong River. Many of those things include mostly shoes, namely one grey flip-flop, a pair of black flip-flops, and a pair of plaid tennis shoes. I also lost a pair of Thai pants that ripped all the way down the leg after I'd… Continue reading Smooth Sailing Down Mekong; What’s Next?

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Please Cover Us In Prayer

Please cover us in prayer. Dear Friends and Church Families, In two weeks we will leave for a two-month outreach to some very hard places. The enemy is up to his tricks and is attempting to put up barriers that will hinder our journey. We know he doesn't want us to shine light in the… Continue reading Please Cover Us In Prayer