Redemption and Repentance

ALMOST ONE MONTH IN Week 4 of discipleship training school already? It’s hard to believe just a few weeks ago we were praying for students’ visas and safe travels, and now we are preparing for our first outreach! We will travel soon to the northeastern region of Thailand to work with one of the poorest… Continue reading Redemption and Repentance

Juggling Fire

Jack, My Hero, Thank God You Were On Call

I wrote a column long ago about the importance of telling people thank you and I love you and you hold a special place in my heart before you can’t tell them anymore. Those moments of too late creep up on us, though, and there we stand behind the pulpit at a funeral recounting magical… Continue reading Jack, My Hero, Thank God You Were On Call

Juggling Fire

For Christy: “He’s My God, Too”

(My wrap-up and personal application for 1 Timothy in the School of Biblical Studies, University of the Nations.) I had a friend in high school who upon hearing the phrase, “Oh, gawwwwd,” would always, every time, she never missed a beat, the second it came out of someone’s mouth retort, “He’s my God, too.” Used… Continue reading For Christy: “He’s My God, Too”

Juggling Fire

Hitting Bottom: How Tough is a Samsonite?

You’ll have to forgive the glumness of my last two posts. Although I have nothing to hide, and I resolved long ago to remain transparent, I am not usually one to lay out my naked feelings for all the world to see. God has been challenging me, however, to do just that. I am finding… Continue reading Hitting Bottom: How Tough is a Samsonite?

Juggling Fire

My New Self

(My wrap-up and application to Ephesians - University of the Nations, School of Biblical Study.) I remember the day the girls’ dad left our house. I had finally had enough of his drinking, his physical abuse, his name-calling, his non-stop need to control my every move. I had to file a court order to have… Continue reading My New Self