Juggling Fire

Insignificance Rocks!

How significant am I? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Pause for a moment and think of your answer. I’d like to think I have significance. On most days, however, in the grand scheme of things, my actual significance probably pales in comparison to millions of other people’s. Or does it? In researching the… Continue reading Insignificance Rocks!

Thai pumpkins

Ugly Pumpkins

I brought roasted pumpkin to work this morning. My first taste of Thai pumpkin was last year in a tippy-top mountain village of the Karen Hilltribe. The Karen grow pumpkins and sell them as their main source of income. Now, pumpkin in Thailand looks nothing like pumpkin in America. It’s green and warty. To describe… Continue reading Ugly Pumpkins

Juggling Fire

To Be Yourself

(My wrap-up and personal application for the Book of Romans, School of Biblical Studies - University of the Nations) What happened to the bold, confident 16-year-old girl who quoted this very phrase by heart when her youth minister asked the question, “If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be?” “I wouldn’t… Continue reading To Be Yourself


Piece of Toast

I hate talking to God about money. I wish He would just supply me with a bucket full of cash, and I would never have to discuss finances with him again. But God knows if he gave us all we ever wanted, we would never talk to him at all. Yesterday, I cried as I… Continue reading Piece of Toast

Juggling Fire

Ouch, that makes me stronger

(My wrap-up and personal applicaiton of 2 Corinthians from the School of Biblical Studies.) What is it about negative input that stings so badly? I can hear a thousand compliments, be told a million great things, but when that one negative person comes to me and says, “You’re nothing. Get a life,” or something like… Continue reading Ouch, that makes me stronger