Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand, and from the newly-certified graduate of the Teaching English as a Foreign Language program! I spent most of February studying and practice teaching in a TEFL course, from which I graduated on February 27. I have been wanting to take the course for so many years, but time and finances and… Continue reading Certifiable!

Juggling Fire

Jack, My Hero, Thank God You Were On Call

I wrote a column long ago about the importance of telling people thank you and I love you and you hold a special place in my heart before you can’t tell them anymore. Those moments of too late creep up on us, though, and there we stand behind the pulpit at a funeral recounting magical… Continue reading Jack, My Hero, Thank God You Were On Call

Juggling Fire

For Christy: “He’s My God, Too”

(My wrap-up and personal application for 1 Timothy in the School of Biblical Studies, University of the Nations.) I had a friend in high school who upon hearing the phrase, “Oh, gawwwwd,” would always, every time, she never missed a beat, the second it came out of someone’s mouth retort, “He’s my God, too.” Used… Continue reading For Christy: “He’s My God, Too”

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Hitting Bottom: How Tough is a Samsonite?

You’ll have to forgive the glumness of my last two posts. Although I have nothing to hide, and I resolved long ago to remain transparent, I am not usually one to lay out my naked feelings for all the world to see. God has been challenging me, however, to do just that. I am finding… Continue reading Hitting Bottom: How Tough is a Samsonite?

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My New Self

(My wrap-up and application to Ephesians - University of the Nations, School of Biblical Study.) I remember the day the girls’ dad left our house. I had finally had enough of his drinking, his physical abuse, his name-calling, his non-stop need to control my every move. I had to file a court order to have… Continue reading My New Self