Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 4

“I have produced a man!” Eve proclaims in the very first verse. Let the second generation commence! If we look closely, this chapter implies that a lot of things happened between the time Cain was born and killed his brother, Abel. The Bible doesn’t talk about Eve having other children, but she must have, right?… Continue reading Bible studies for writers | Genesis 4

Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 3

Enter the serpent. This short chapter describes a conversation that changed the entire world ... FOR.E.VERRRRR. Verse 6 starts out, “The woman was convinced.” Somehow, I don’t think Eve fell for the serpent’s sales pitch after only one short proclamation: of course, you won’t die, you silly thing! Mwhahahaha. Have you ever convinced anyone about… Continue reading Bible studies for writers | Genesis 3


A Loud … Boom! A Soft Blow

Greetings! Wow. We want to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed, prayed and shared our posts to raise funds for a visit to America. Today, I am within $850 of my goal! Jaynee has reached her goal! And Justine has enough to book a ticket! Hallelujah! I was able to book two… Continue reading A Loud … Boom! A Soft Blow

Juggling Fire

Fenceless Gardens are Fruitless

Just read this quote on Facebook: "Boundaries keep the things you want in your life IN, like: love, joy, hope or peace. Boundaries will also keep OUT of your life what you do not want, like: disrespect, fear, hopelessness or anxiety. Boundaries help protect your priorities. Boundaries communicate value." - Danny Lee Silk It makes… Continue reading Fenceless Gardens are Fruitless


Our Week in Udon Thani

I wanted to share some photos from our outreach to Issan in northeastern Thailand. This was the first mission trip many of our students have ever taken. It was a great week with a full schedule, and I was honored to see our students step out and step up to share the Gospel. God was… Continue reading Our Week in Udon Thani