The 12-Month HOPP | Helping Other People Project

12-Month HOPP food drive

How can we help?

What started as a one-year commitment to serving others has now sprung into an ongoing project to – well, simply – help other people! (See what we did there.)

Need a hand for a month? Contact us about your needs-based project, and let’s discuss how we can chip in!

Volunteers with the 12-Month HOPP have committed to all kinds of endeavors. We’ve taught English camps in slum areas, fed the homeless in Bangkok and even edited video for some guy overseas! Plus, we all love to sing and craft, and we know a MILLION kids’ games. (Seriously, we do.)

Take a leap. Reserve your month today!

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Project Funding

Volunteers with the 12-Month HOPP do not charge a fee for their services. However, partners are asked to cover all costs of materials, transportation, lodging and food.

Donations made to the 12-Month HOPP outside of sponsored events help cover costs of materials, transportation, lodging and food (when applicable) for non-sponsored projects.

Want to support a non-sponsored service project?

Donate by credit or debit card

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Electronic Transfer (US or Thailand):
Bangkok Bank: Phuttamonthon Branch
Acct. 247-0-87785-9

Direct deposit (by US mail):
Korina Dove – Missions Account
c/o ACB Bank
P.O. Box 227
Cherokee OK 73728

US mail:
First Christian Church
Angel Fund – Korina Dove Missions
202 S. Kansas Ave.
Cherokee OK 73728