Writers Workshops & Adventure Holidays

Coming soon!

Do you have an interest in attending a writers workshop and adventure holiday in SE Asia? We’d love to hear from you!

Shoot us an email at jugglingfire1972@gmail.com to let us know:

What is the ideal length for a writers workshop and adventure holiday?

a. 3 days
b. 5 days
c. 7 days

What kind of adventure holiday would you love to take?

a. Diving and snorkeling
b. Mountain trekking and rural sightseeing
c. Inner city attractions and cultural landmarks
d. A little of all three!

What kind of accommodations would you want during your stay?

a. I’m a backpacker and want to stay on the cheap
b. I have a larger budget, and I would at least like to have air conditioning
c. I’m looking for an all-inclusive resort where I spend my days writing and my nights at the spa

And that’s it! Thanks for your feedback. We hope to see you at a writers workshop and adventure holiday in 2020!