The July HOPP – In the Slums

Thailand is a very beautiful country, with gorgeous land and incredibly friendly people. But, what a lot of people forget about, is that a lot of families in Thailand are living in what is often referred to as the slums. The slums are communities here in Thailand that are made up of families living off … Continue reading The July HOPP – In the Slums


The June HOPP – Overview

The second month of the 12 Month HOPP is over! And it went so much better than we could have hoped for! Throughout the month of June we collected donations of clothes, toys, and bathroom supplies. We've received over 30 bags and boxes of donations and we are currently separating them into different categories so that we … Continue reading The June HOPP – Overview

The June HOPP – House Cleanse

Quick update - We will be changing the order of which project we'll do each month, due to some inconveniences that came up. You'll notice that on the Facebook page, we took off the corresponding months and projects, this is because we're rearranging them.  We're in the second month of the Helping Other People Project! This … Continue reading The June HOPP – House Cleanse

The May HOPP- Helping the Homeless

In Bangkok, Thailand, in 2014, there were over 3,000 people that were on the streets, begging for anything that someone would give them. The Social Development and Human Security Ministry has said that this rate has been increasing by 5-10% annually in the last 10 Years. It’s not unknown that there are a lot of … Continue reading The May HOPP- Helping the Homeless

I blame ‘the media’

The morning after I defended my thesis, I woke up to headlines of the US government banning the disbursement of citizen-owned information, protests ranging from abortion to immigration, the Russian Parliament decriminalizing vital aspects of domestic violence laws and journalists being labeled by members of the US president’s administration as "the opposition." The night I … Continue reading I blame ‘the media’

‘In this wasteland, where I’m living’

Greetings! I’m riding the bus home from the YWAM Central Region Conference in Pattaya. To say I am a mess is an understatement. I came here knowing God would give me answers but not knowing the work he would do in me in two days. Sometimes my heart gets so full that the things inside … Continue reading ‘In this wasteland, where I’m living’